Poonam - A Social Short

Elder Loneliness & Need for Companionship

Ignorant or intentional abandonment of elders by today’s nuclear families deprives the elderly of social & family companionship

Today’s fast paced world and dog-eat-dog competition results in busy work schedules and breakdown of work-life balance. While it effects families adversely, elders are the most effected owing to constant movement of professionals across geopgraphies owing to better life-styles and remuneration.

All this is quite acceptable in today’s world where success comes with a premium. however, the question we should ask ourselves is – Should elders bear the brunt of it? After all, they have given us this future by sacrificing. lot of their time, energy and wants and we give nothing in return, Should we call this “lack of gratitude” os sheer selfishness. What if your children do the same. Thsi situation, certainly, is worth a lot of thought and deep introspection.

What is more important – money/success or family (including parents)? There would be no answers, obvious, we have become oblivious to elder needs and are moving away from them, more often than not putting them up in elder homes or communities. Yes, money is not the problem. However, their loneliness and the need for social companionship is. Just because they do not spell it out, does not mean that we should not understand. Give it a good thought, please. We are sure, you will see the light.

Let us walk into our own sunset at our own terms

Elders need comfort and care in their sunset years, especially on the psychological front. What is the harm if they seek companionship and social action to be happier. In providing the necessary care, they will live longer and healthier and walk into the sunset happily.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our elders and their peers

Poonam was produced to raise awareness on elder loneliness and their yearning for companionship. Elder psychological health has been taken for granted over the years and when they cannot move freely as they could when they were younger, a depression sets in through loneliness. Thsi depression is there to stay until they are activelt and mentally involved in a vocation or have some social company to share their life and stories with.

Our opinion is that elders are an invaluable intellectual property of the society and the nation and their contribution through experience and knowledge will be beneficial to everyone. Our efforts towards this have taken off through raising awareness on this unresolved issue. Our heartfelt gratitude to elders and Charista Foundation for its help on this project.

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